Since your are here, I will take it that you are one the many people who like the idea of a cabin in the woods.

Maybe you like a cozy cabin vacation at the lake or in the mountains.

Maybe you would like to have a cabin of your own as a second home.

Maybe you would like to get away from the pawn of society and escape to a frugal and simple lifestyle and settling in your own cabin in the woods.

Here are some good reasons why it would be good for you to have your own cozy cabin in the woods.

Healthy Activities

A lifestyle in nature and at your cabin will allow you to do activities that will make you healthier and happier. Maybe it is canoeing on the lake, reading a book while sitting in a tree or chasing fireflies during summer. Ahh… It’s just the good life.

Being Prepared For A Melt Down In Society

Living in your own cabin in the woods or having one to escape to would be great in case of a crisis. You do not want to be living in the city or the heart of town if there is a melt down in society.

Escaping The Rat Race

Are you tired of the rat race? Well… Why not start living a frugal lifestyle and do some homesteading? You could grow most of what you eat, sell some of what you produce and buy what you do not produce with money you earn from your homestead. A cabin in the woods makes the perfect setting for this.

Living Among Nature

Human beings were made to co- exist with plants and the animals around us. The cabin in the woods lifestyle makes way for us to live how we are naturally supposed to live- among nature and as a part of nature.

A Vacation Destination For Your Family

Whether the season is spring, summer, autumn or winter, a family vacation or holiday at the cabin in the woods is the perfect thing to do. Your kids and family members will get in touch with nature and make wonderful memories that will carry them through life.

The Aesthetics Of The House

Do you get those little bumps all over your body and get teary eyed when you see a beautiful cabin photo on Pinterest or around the web? Do you feel like you have no more worries when you are on vacation at the cabin? I get you… I feel the same way. A wood cabin is not only beautiful. The materials used to build it are mostly natural and that speaks to the soul.

Get Away From The Noise

Isn’t the noise of society driving you crazy? I know how it feels. Get away from it all to your own cabin in the woods.

Healthier Environment

Living away from the big cities will allow you to be in a healthier environment. The air in the countryside or in the woods is cleaner. And if you choose to go off- grid, you will have less radiation around you.

Bonding With Family

It is hard for families to bond with all the activities and distractions of regular society. Living in a cabin in the woods or just going there for vacations will make you spend more time doing things together.

The Simple Pleasures

Ahh… Waking up with the sun in the countryside or in the woods, sitting around a fire in the evenings while you make a meal and have dinner, or smelling and then cutting some wild flowers for your table can be so filling to the soul. The simple things are always the best things in life.

If a cabin in the woods is your dream, I hope it will come through. And if it already is your reality, I am happy for you. A cabin in the woods is the perfect setting for simple living and a happier life.

Thanks for visiting and reading. I will be doing a Cabin Series very soon. So stay tuned for that.


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