Keeping a frugal pantry is one of the main things that help me to save money. I try to eat very healthy and wholesome meals, while trying to find a balance by cutting back on food cost as much as possible.

If you are one a frugal journey and want to save money with a frugal pantry, you will want to have certain food staples in your pantry.


If you know how to put flour to work, and have some good recipes in your Grandma’s recipe box, you will be able to put a wide variety of delicious meals on the table that won’t let you have to rob the bank. Use flour to make your own homemade bread, delicious treats, and of course some yummy dumplings.


Potato is a very simple pantry staple but can be whipped up into a gourmet dish with little effort. With potatoes in your pantry,  you will be making French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and much more. It’s nice to put some chunks of potatoes in soups and stews as well.

Canned Paste

You will definitely want to have some tomato paste or a versatile paste of your choice in your frugal pantry.  It’s always better to make your own paste to can for storage. But if you prefer to buy your paste at the store, you’ll still be putting yourself in the position to make some nice dressing or sauce from your canned paste.

Oil And Butter

Whether it’s for greasing a baking pan when you are baking a pie, or for sauteeing vegetables, oil and butter will always come in handy in your pantry. Don’t forget that you’ll need butter for those mornings when you are toasting bread.


Rice is an essential item to have in your pantry. It is one those types of food that most people eat, and won’t really get tired of. If you are having guests over and don’t want to spend a fortune to put dinner on the table, but not sure what to cook, rice will almost always be one of your best picks.

Peas And Beans

Peas and beans usually have a fairly long shelf life. You can store them for a very long time in the right conditions. They are usually not very expensive, and you can also grow them yourself. Another plus is that they are a good source of protein.

Herbs And Spices

You don’t want to have a pantry without herbs and spices. These are what you will need to give your meals flavor. Some herbs to keep in your pantry include garlic, thyme, onions, parsley, oregano, and basil. You don’t have to stick to only these. Keep a stash of all your favorite herbs. Just make sure they are dried for storage.

Frozen Or Freeze Dried Vegetables

I just would not want to have a pantry without broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables that I really love to eat. But these types of vegetables do go bad quickly. So keep your veggies by freezing them. You can also store freeze-dried vegetables too. They will last for ages and the freeze-drying process does not destroy a lot of the nutrients.

If I could make everything I want to consume from scratch, that is what I would prefer to do. While that is not possible for me at this phase in my life, having a frugal pantry is definitely inspiring me to make more things for myself, save money and eat healthy meals. You will be surprised at how a frugal pantry will transform your meals and life too.


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