Clean Bulb To Get Brighter Light

Make your bulbs brighter by cleaning them regularly. Bulbs are used quite often in a regular household, so they are exposed to dust, grease and all those unpleasant things that float around in the air.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your bulbs to remove dust and grease, and make your bulbs give more light and shine brighter.


Soak Faucet With Vinegar


To remove hard water stains from your faucets, soak them with vinegar. It can be hard to get them to soak for a couple of minutes by just rubbing vinegar onto them, as the vinegar will quickly get dried up when exposed to air.


To make this practical, dampen some paper towel with vinegar. Then wrap the vinegar-soaked towels around your faucets, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Remove the towels and wash your faucets, as usual, to make them shiny and clean.


Wrap Long Stick Broom With Cloth For Dusting

Getting to those corners in your roof and ceiling can be difficult. Especially if you are a short person like I am. But I won’t be defeated, so I keep thinking of ways reach those high places, despite my height.

Take a long stick broom and wrap it with some cloth. A rubber band can be used to hold the cloth in place around the broom. Use this broom wrapped with cloth to dust your walls and ceilings. Say goodbye to spiderwebs!


Lime And Thyme Scented Vinegar

Vinegar is a very reliable and versatile cleaning agent. But it smells very awful.


Make a great smelling scented vinegar for cleaning your home by putting some vinegar in a jar with some sprigs of thyme and a few lime slices. Let it sit for at least two weeks, then you’ll have some nice smelling vinegar for cleaning your home.


Clean Baseboards With Clothes Brush

Baseboards can be challenging to clean. If you are not using a cleaning that will prevent you from bending your back to reach those dirty baseboards, you want to be using a tool that will get the job done quickly, so you don’t have to bend your back for very long.

You can use a clothesbrush for cleaning baseboards. A clothes brush is the perfect tool, as it is quite brittle so you won’t need to be scrubbing those baseboards for very long to get them clean.


Baking Soda And Essential Oil For Nightly Drain Cleaner

Your kitchen sink drain has to endure a lot. All that food and grease that passes through it can make it start to smell unpleasant after some time.

To counteract bad odors coming from your kitchen sink drain, pour baking soda and essential oil down your sink. You can use a mixture of hot water, essential oil and baking soda. Use this as a nightly drain cleaner.


Weekly Toothbrush Cleanse With Hydrogen Peroxide

You depend on my toothbrush to clean your teeth daily. But your toothbrush needs regular cleaning too. 

A weekly cleanse is ideal for your toothbrush. Put the toothbrush in a cup and pour in some hydrogen peroxide. Let it soak for about thirty minutes. Then rinse your toothbrush with warm water.


Essential Oil Toilet Paper Roll Smell Hack

Using essential oils in your bathroom is a good and non-toxic way to make your bathroom smell wonderful.

A clever way to do this is to put a drop of your favorite essential in the middle of your toilet paper roll. This will add some nice scent to your bathroom at no cost to your health.


Clean Pipe With A Bag Of Vinegar

Ever thought about cleaning the pipe holes where your water flows through on your faucet. This is a very important place to clean.

To make cleaning your pipe easy, pour equal amounts of vinegar and warm water in a plastic bag, and tie it onto the pipe. Let it soak for about fifteen minutes. This should help to get rid of the gunk that may be building in your pipe.


Lime And Salt For Cleaning Sink


Sometimes your kitchen sink will need an extra scrub after dealing with stubborn food stains.

Cut a lime in half and use it with some salt to scour your stained sink. Use as much salt as needed to get out those stains. Then wash your sink as usual with some soap and water.


10 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Cleaning tips and tricks that will make cleaning your home easier.


    1. Clean bulb with microfiber cloth to make it brighter.
    2. Soak faucet with vinegar to make it shiny.
    3. Wrap a long stick broom with cloth and use for dusting ceilings and cleaning walls.
    4. Make scented vinegar for cleaning with lime and mint.
    5. Clean dirty baseboards with a clothesbrush.
    6. Use baking soda and essential oil for nightly drain cleaner.
    7. Cleanse toothbrush weekly with hydrogen peroxide.
    8. Soak pipe in a bag of vinegar.
    9. Use lime and salt for scouring sink.
    10. Put essential oil in middle of toilet paper roll to make bathroom smell great.

Happy Cleaning!

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