Want a nice smelling home? Here are some practical ways to make your home smell really good.

Baking Soda Deodorizer

Baking Soda should always be kept in your home. Why?  It can help out a lot of bad odor situations in your home.  Before putting a garbage bag in the trash can, sprinkle a coating of baking soda at the bottom. 

This tip will help to keep your kitchen smelling wonderful.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the most favorite home smelling hacks.  Instead of using a humidifier, you can make mason jars DIY air fresheners.  In an empty mason jar, pour an ample amount of baking soda into it. 

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the mason jar.  Before covering the jar, bore small holes into the cover.  There you will have a portable air freshener to place in any space that needs to smell much better.

Stove Simmer Smell Tip

This tip is very easy to do and will make your home smell so good much quicker.  In a pot of boiling water, add a few cinnamon sticks and orange slices.  Turn the fire down and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. 

Your kitchen and surrounding areas will be sure to be engulfed in the delicious cinnamon smell.

Linen Spray Freshener

Linen spray may not be found in all stores, but there is always a good supply. in Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.  The secret of this spray is that it has such an authentic scent, that you would really love. 

After cleaning your room, just spray a little inside.  Your comforters, couches, and drapes can also be sprayed with this linen spray.  After using this spray for the first time, you will always want to use it to give your home that wonderful smell.

DIY Refills For Plug-Ins

There are always some ways that you can save back money by improvising on many things.  You don’t need to throw out your plug-ins when the refills are finished. Or, you don’t have to be buying new refills all the time. 

Going the DIY way is very easy.  Remove the wick from the empty container.  Fill the container with your favorite essential oil and then replace the wick.  You will now have a DIY plug-in ready to fill your house with that wonderful smell.

House Plants

Did you know that some house plants help to keep the air in your house purified and smelling fresh? If you didn’t know well read on.  Plants like aloe vera, Chinese evergreen, English ivy and a few more are known to help your house smell good.   

You may try a few or even one of these plants and you will be shocked at that sweet smell in your home.

Coffee Beans Air Freshener

It might sound a bit weird to say that coffee beans can help to make your house smell wonderful.  Fill a mason jar with coffee beans.  Place a lighted tealight candle inside the jar. 

As the candle wax starts to melt the coffee beans will be covered with the hot candle wax.  Your house will then be filled with a rich vanilla coffee scent.

Cinnamon And Cloves Air Freshener

Many folks love the smell of freshly baked cookies filling their house.  If you love the smell you won’t have to keep baking cookies every day to make your house smelling good.  Instead, pour a few teaspoons of ground cinnamon and cloves unto a baking sheet. 

Turn your oven on to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and place the baking sheet inside.  Leave the oven door half-opened for about half-hour.  You will be surprised at how your house is filled with that lovely spicy smell.

Vanilla Cotton Ball Freshener

Baking soda is always used to help keep your fridge odorless.  To give your fridge that extra sweet smell whenever you open it would be quite appealing.  Cotton balls are cheap and readily available. 

Place two cotton balls already soaked in vanilla extract inside your fridge on the shelves and leave them there.  You will always enjoy opening your fridge just to enjoy that pleasant sweet fragrance.

Scented Light Switch

Scented light switches are not sold in stores.  But you can make your own scented light switch.  If your light bulb is already turned on, turn it off until it is cooled.  Place a few drops of vanilla extract on the light bulb. 

Switch the light on and you will be surprised at how the heat starts to gently spread the vanilla scent, making your home smell like freshly baked cookies.

Lemony Scent

Lemons are very good at making your house or even your bathroom smell very good.  Get a couple of lemons and cut them in half.  Place the cut lemons in a dish with the cut side up. 

Leave the dish n the bathroom or room.  You will be fantasized by the lemony fresh scent that has engulfed the room or bathroom.

Fire-Place Air Freshener

Even though your fireplace can be warm and cozy, sometimes it can also get a bit funky.  You need your house to smell good, and you may not know what to do.  Hoping that you didn’t throw out your citrus peels, this is where they come in very useful. 

To give the house that nice smell, throw some citrus peels into the flames.  The flammable oil in the citrus peels will burn for a long time giving your house that extra sweet smell.

Cigarette Odor

What can be so annoying as opening the door to the smell of stale cigarette smoke.  You might be bursting your mind to find out what can make your house smell good again. 

Pour some apple cider vinegar into a bowl.  Leave the bowl in the room.  Within a day or two, the vinegar will neutralize the odor, so the cigarette smell will be all gone, leaving the house smelling good again.

Vinegar Spray

Vinegar is a very good cleaning agent and it also can help your house to smell good.  Simply fill an empty spray bottle with 2 parts vinegar and 4 parts water. 

Any room that you believe might need some freshening up, just give it a couple of spritzes.  You can also place a bowl of vinegar on your kitchen countertop to remove cooking smells.

Gain Crystals In The Tank

An easy way to add some fragrance to your bathroom in by pouring some Gain Crystals in the toilet tank. They will melt in the water and you will get to flush with scented water.

Scented Vinegar Air Freshener

Many folks don’t really love the smell of vinegar but they need it as a great cleaning agent.  You can make vinegar smell not like vinegar by adding some sort of scent to it.  You can add lavender, mint, or any scent you like best. 

You can make your scented vinegar in the same vinegar bottle, or if you wish to pour it into a spray bottle.  You will now have the scented vinegar both to clean and to leave your house smelling wonderful.

Rubbing Alcohol Essential Oil Air Freshener

Everyone always has a bottle of rubbing alcohol in their homes.  Perhaps you may even happen to have essential oils if you are an essential oil lover.  The alcohol in this tip will help the essential oil and water to dry quicker thus leaving a sweet smell quickly in your house.   

In a spray bottle add 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Shake well and spray as needed to give your house hat lovely sweet smell.

Fabric Softener Air Freshener

Using a Fabric softener to freshen up your laundry can be so overwhelming.  It also can be used as an air freshener to make your home smell wonderful.  Once you have some fabric softener you are ready to go.  In a plastic spray bottle, pour 1/2 cup fabric softener, 1 tablespoon baking soda and fill with warm water. 

Make sure the water is warm enough before putting in the baking soda.  If not the baking soda will get clumped up and won’t dissolve. You now have your softener freshener to give your house that lovely sweet smell.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are usually used in your dryer to make your clothes smell fresh and clean.  There are other genius ways in which you can use those same dryer sheets. 

To make your dresser drawer smell fresher.  tape a new dryer sheet to the back of the dresser drawer .  You may also tape a few dryer sheets behind your curtains and even under your chairs.  Can you imagine that lovely scent that will be in your house?

Tomato Juice

Using plastic containers for dinner, you will have realized the food smell, even though they were washed, the smell of food still linger in them.  Tomato juice is a great solution for getting rid of the food smell.  After washing with soap and water, pour a small amount of tomato juice in each container.  Rub the tomato juice around the inside of the containers.  Leave for a while and then rinse with warm water.

Practical Home Smell Hacks

Unusual ways to make your home smell great.


    Baking Soda Deodorizer

    Essential Oils

    Stove Top Simmer Pot

    Linen Spray Freshener

    Gain Crystals In Toilet Tank

    DIY Refills For Plug-Ins

    House Plants

    Coffee Beans Air Freshener

    Cinnamon And Cloves Air Freshener

    Vanilla Cotton Ball Freshener

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