Those folks who have gone to outdoor camps should understand what it means to have outdoor skills for a frugal life.  The skills that you learned from outdoor camping,  will make your frugal life much easier.  You can also develop skills just by using your own initiative.

There are so many skills to be learned for you to live a happy outdoor frugal life.  These skills can be made into chores that are enjoyable.

There are a few ideas which can be developed into great frugal skills, which I have listed below.

Collecting Rain Water

Water is very important for everyday use.  So instead of depending on the regular water supply which is not always available, you can collect rainwater. Money can be saved back by not having any water bills to pay.  Your own water system can be set up by collecting the free rainwater into drums and tanks.  Instead of having to go outside for water,  you may connect pipes to the tanks, and bring the water into the house.

Cooking Outside

This can be very enjoyable.  There are many ways to cook outside.  But two simple ways are to cook with firewood and cooking with fire coal.  Both ways are very economical,  but cooking with the firewood is cheaper, and less time consuming than the coal.


This is another interesting frugal outside activity.  Instead of buying expensive flowers at the flower shop, why not plant a garden, so that you can cut your own flowers to decorate your house.


Farming is one of the main outside activities for a frugal life.  Growing your own food helps to make you live a healthy frugal lifestyle.

Cutting And Storing Firewood

Many houses are built with a fireplace for warming up in the winter.  Instead of buying firewood at the store,  you can save back money by gathering your own firewood during the summer.  Cut them into reasonable sizes, and store them for use in the winter.

Managing Farm Animals

Raising animals is also a part of farming and frugal life.  It is called ‘Animal Farming’.  Farmers generally get up early in the mornings,  just as the sun is rising to tend to their animals.  These animals,  are raised for different purposes, and you can sell some to other farmers as well.

Whenever you talk about living frugal,  many people believe that you have to be poor to live a frugal life.  No, you don’t have to be poor to live a frugal life.  Living frugal,  and getting to enjoy the outdoors by cooking,  farming and even having your own water supply,  makes you feel so free and happy.

A happy,  frugal lifestyle, makes you enjoy life as it is.

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