I just love the look of fresh flowers in my home. And of course I love the smell of them too 🙂 They make a beautiful ambiance and give the feeling of abundance.


But keeping a flowers fresh is usually a challenge. I always want to see my fresh cut flowers last for as long as possible. But as long as possible hardly ever seem to be long enough for me!


So I have learnt a gardening tip that will extend the possibilities of long enough, and make you enjoy your fresh flowers a little longer.


This is the baking soda gardening hack that will make your fresh flowers stay alive longer. The baking soda will help to balance out the conditions in the water and make your flowers last a day or two longer.


Before placing your fresh cut flowers in a vase of water, make sure to cut the stems at a slant angle. This will give more open surface area for water to be absorbed.

Make sure that you clean your vase properly. It is important to rinse well and get rid of all soap. The soap can lessen the life of your fresh flowers.


When putting your fresh flowers in the vase of water, remove any leaves or blossoms on the stem or stalks that will go down in the water. You don’t want blossoms or leaves in the water, as this will cause a faster decay of your bouquet.

Now, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water. This will help to lengthen the lifespan of your fresh flowers. But do change the water everyday, if possible for even better results.


Keeping fresh flowers away from other direct sunlight, drafts and other plants will help them to survive much longer too. Also, be sure to remove any dying pieces so that your entire bouquet will not be affected.


I am sure these tips will help you to preserve your fresh cut flowers for a few more days.  And make your home look beautiful and filled with abundance 🙂

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