I totally prefer to have most if not all of my herbs ready to just add to a meal instead of always having to prepare them from scratch. Washing and cutting herbs is not exactly a task I like doing 🙂


What makes it worst is that I usually buy herbs in bulk whenever I visit the farmers market. So I always end up having a lot of herbs and a lot of spoilage too.


I was so happy to find out a new way to preserve my herbs. I don’t always have to get washing and chopping every time I am ready to prepare a meal.


As for spoilage… This method makes herbs last for months, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of spoilage.

So what is this secret method? Freezing your fresh herbs in oil!


It is best to use tough herbs with this method. Make sure to use herbs that will be cooked with oil. And avoid using soft herbs that will be added raw to a meal.


With this method, you will be freezing herbs in cubes of oil and use a cube or as much as needed as to saute all your herbs and spices for your meal. So this is perfect for dishes that require oil.


Some of the herbs that are best for this method include sage, fennel stalk, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil.

Chives work well for this method as well. Although they are soft.


Here is how to freeze your herbs in oil…

You will want to make sure to choose fresh herbs and remover blackened and dried sections.

You won’t be getting a chance to wash your herbs after freezing them in oil. So make sure to wash them properly at this stage.


Lay them flat on a surface and dry them properly.

You can leave your herbs in sprigs or chop them as you desire.

Pack ice trays with herbs.


Pour oil over the herbs in the cubes. You may use regular cooking oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Cover the trays with plastic wrap and leave in freezer to be frozen overnight.

You may store the frozen cubes in plastic bags, ziploc bags or freezer containers.



Now, enjoy not having to wash and chop your herbs all the way from scratch every time you are ready to cook.

P.S. Melted butter may also be used instead of oil.

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