Living with pests is a total bummer. You have your home for your own comfort, not to provide a shelter for critters that will eat your pantry down. Silverfish are a set of those unwelcomed guests you want to eliminate and keep away.

They got their name because of their silvery- light grey color. They are in the order of Zygentoma and are small, wingless creatures. Their movements replicate that of fish; hence the last syllable of their name.

Where Silverfish Live

Silverfish thrive well in dark areas. If there is dampness, that is even a better environment for them. So they will take residence in your bathroom, attic, kitchen and basement. Your garage or shed might be a cozy spot for them too, as they will like the ambiance of the boxes you store in those places.

What Silverfish Like To Eat

These bugs like to eat a diet that is rich in sugar and starches. They won’t destroy the structure or walls of your home, but they will feed on the starch in your wallpaper.  They also like to feed on books, pasta, toothpaste, cardboard, dead skin cells, vegetables, and fabrics. Damp clothing is a favorite of silverfish, as well.

They Are Not Harmful To Humans

Silverfish are not harmful to humans, as they do not carry any diseases.  So you do not have to worry about becoming ill because of a disease you contracted from them.

Silverfish Do Not Bite

These little critters look so scary and creepy. But you can relax a bit, as they are not known to attack or bite human beings. They do have the appearance of those type of insects that would leave you in pain, but silverfish are only interested in eating things in your house.

You Might Be Inviting Them In Your Home

If you are having silverfish in your home, this means that you have the right environment for them. You might need to fix any moist areas like under your sink and inside your cupboards.

Although they won’t bite you or give you a disease, you still don’t want to have them in your home. They might not be interested in eating down your house, but they will certainly eat your food and the precious items you have.

Getting Rid Of Silverfish With Essential Oils

To get rid of silverfish, mix a few drops of lemon or citrus essential oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. Add about one cup of water and shake well. Spray any area that is being targetted by silverfish with this mixture. If you are not sure where their hiding spot is, spray under your sinks, cupboards and any moist or dark areas in your house.

This mixture will help you to get rid of silverfish, as they do not like the lemon, citrus of lavender. You do not have to worry about making your home because these essential oils are not toxic to humans. So you will get to safely eliminate those pesky critters.

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