Eliminating Moles And Creatures That Make Burrowing Holes In Your Yard

Moles and other burrowing critters can be amusing when they visit your yard. But what is no fun at all is when they decide to take up residence. Their burrowing and making of holes is something that you just cannot work with.


Damage To Your Yard

The burrowing damages your yard and makes it ugly. Those little creatures are just not good at landscaping. So it is a pain when they take over and decide to redesign your yard.

Hazard To Your Family

The holes in your yard are also a hazard for your kids. You certainly do not want your little ones getting hurt because they fell in an unexpected mole hole. It’s dangerous for you, as well. You are never too big to fall… Right?

Dangerous For Pets

You do not want your pets getting hurt either. Moles and those other burrowing creatures can be unscrupulous and unfriendly.


And you can’t have your beloved pup out and about, sniffing around, then encountering one of these ruthless creatures. Someone would end up getting hurt… And you can be almost certain that may just be your pet.

What to do?

Avoid Using Poison

You cannot just put poison in your yard to eliminate these unwelcomed critters. That would not be safe for you, your children and your pets. And you want to be free to enjoy your yard without having to worry about getting poisoned.

Do not even think about spraying your yard with harsh chemicals. You want your soil and lawn to be healthy. And if you have a garden, you want to avoid using chemicals. So deterring these burrowing creatures with harsh chemicals is not an option.

Plus, you might not want to actually kill them. They are no fun to have around because of all the possible dangers.

But if you can get them to relocate to someplace other than your yard, without poisoning them, that would be the best thing to do.

The Solution

A mixture of Dawn and Castor Oil can get these creatures packing and moving out. Combine 1/2 cup Castor Oil, 1 ounce Dawn Liquid Soap, and 5 cups tap water in a bottle. Spray your yard with this mixture.

You can connect the bottle to your yard hose to cover all the areas. Or use whatever tool you have for spraying your yard. Spray any holes you find and cover with dirt.

Repeat this process once per week, until your tenants have moved out.

19 More Ways To Get Rid Of Burrowing Creatures

Bushes and Rocks

Remove bushes and rocks from around your yard. A lot of bushes will let these creatures feel welcome. These creatures love to hide behind rocks for protection until they build or find a burrow.

Vacant Burrows

Always search your surrounding for vacant burrows.  These burrowing creatures are always looking for comfortable places to build their houses.  Whenever you find an empty burrow, make sure the entrance is blocked securely with rocks or gravel.  In doing so, they won’t be able to easily make a home there.

Yard Attraction

A very attractive yard will get the attention of birds and most types of creatures.  And a yard with a garden is the most attractive of all to these creatures. If you have a lovely vegetable garden, don’t bet about this, these burrowing creatures will surely make a feast out of your veggies. Plant your vegetables early in the spring so that you will be able to reap before their season arrives.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have so many uses including warding off burrowing creatures. Sprinkle Epsom salts around your plants. It will taste so bad to these animals, that they might just avoid coming near again. The salt can be easily washed away by the rain, so you will need to regularly and reapply when necessary.

Scare Them!!!

Most homeowners always have cats for pets.  Take some of the cat litter and sprinkle around the garden. These pesky critters hate urine and poop. If you don’t have a cat, get some ammonia and soak a couple of rags in it.

This method will have the same effect as cat litter.  The pests will think that the ammonia is urine, and run away from it.  Put the ammonia rags on top of rocks or stones.


You may keep these burrowing animals away by using mothballs.  Place them in the pathway of the burrows. This will deter from entering any vacant burrows.  Remember to check within the next 4-6 weeks and reapply as needed.

Garlic and Daffodil

I believe that this is a nice way of having herbs and flowers in the garden.  Plant garlic and daffodils in your garden.  These plants will act as a natural repellent and these creatures will keep away.  This is such a wonderful idea.

Strong Oils

These small problematic creatures cannot stand the smell of certain strong essential oils. These oils include peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, and cedar oil. Just sprinkle any of these oils around the plants or garden, and see how these critters stay away.

Cayenne Pepper

This pepper has a very strong smell and the taste of it is very hot.  Sprinkle the seeds of this pepper in your garden and they will never ever come near again.  Please wear gloves when dealing with this pepper.

Hair Used As Repellent

Hair can be used as a natural repellent to scare away these burrowing animals.  Collect a bag full of hair from your barber or hairdresser.  Sprinkle the hair all around the garden. Whenever these creatures come near, they get the scent of hair of human and speed away from your property.

Bricks And Melon

Bait traps are very economical to use.  Catching one of these animals in a trap is probably one of the best ways to get rid of theses annoying creatures permanently, without killing them. After purchasing your trap, decide what type of bait you will be using.  Fruits and vegetables, are one of the best baits you may use.

When setting the bait, set it as far into the trap, so that the animal whole body will be inside, in order to reach the bait.  Whenever the trap flies, the animal will want to get out.  So by tossing here and there, the trap may turn over.  It is best to place a heavy brick, on top of it, to prevent it from turning over.  Take the animal to a faraway spot, where you think he will never find his way back.


Another way of keeping them away is by vibration.  You can use a lawn windmill to develop a vibration on the ground.  These animals get scared so easily, that they will run away and might never come back.  When using this device, place it near the entrance to the yard.

Talcum Powder

Sprinkle this talcum powder around the yard to ward off these unwelcome pests.  We humans may love the scent of talcum powder, but these creatures don’t like the scent.

Hot Peppers And Garlic

Get a handful of garlic and hot peppers.  Puree both in a blender.  Then mix with water and liquid soap to make the mixture sticky.  Spray the mixture around the yard.

Pet Urine And Lettuce

If you do not have a bobcat try to find someone who has one.  Get the urine of a bobcat, and place a couple lettuce leaves in it.  Wow, what a feast for your burrowing friends! This feast will not work out well for them though. The taste of the bobcat urine while eating the lettuce will surely let them run away and keep running.


I suggest that you try laying black plastic around the garden.  Place heavy rocks on it, so that it will stay put. The sight of the plastic will get them confused and discouraged, and turn them away.

Electric Fence

Your burrowing friends will never dare to climb that fence once they have gotten shocked by it before. If they survive, they will never try climbing that fence again.

Agricultural Lime/White Lime

Agri or white lime has a burning sensation when it comes in contact with the body.  Place some Agri lime near the entrance of burrows.  This will burn their feet when they walk on it. This unpleasant burning of feet will let them want to go somewhere else.

Liquid Repellent

This repellent can be bought at any farm store.  You can store the repellent in a labeled bottle for safety. Shake well before using to spray around the plants in your garden.  This should keep most burrowing creatures at bay.

Get Rid Of Moles & Burrowing Animals With Dawn Dish Soap

Get Rid Of Moles & Burrowing Animals With Dawn Dish Soap

Using Dawn Dish Soap To Get Rid Of Moles And Any Burrowing Critters.


  • 1/2 Cup Castor Oil
  • 1 Ounce Dawn Liquid Soap
  • 5 Cups Tap Water


Combine Dawn dish soap, castor oil and water in a bottle.

Soak the areas where moles and other burrowing animals are taking over.

You might not be able to get rid of them in one go.

So repeat this treatment week after week until they are gone.

Once per week should be good enough.

I hope you will be successful in your friendly battle with these critters!

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