Getting the home to smell fresh and wonderful is always a priority. Here are 32 ways to make your home smell amazing.

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Your fridge contains items that naturally carry odor. Cleaning your fridge won’t keep down all that odor for very long.

After giving your fridge a good clean. Place a small bowl of raw oats into it. This will absorb the nasty odor. Leaving your fridge smelling like it should.


Downy Beads In Flower Vase

Put some Downy beads in a jar or vase with dried flowers. Place this on a table or in your bathroom to add some nice fragrance in your house.


Linen spray, this is a well-recommended source of air freshener. Just think about it, if it works for linen and the smell is just out of this world.

Why wouldn’t it do the same for your entire home? Simply spray [preferably lavender] linen spray on your couch and sheets/ beds to give your home that fresh linen aroma. You will be happy you did.

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This is just perfect. Why waste money on those overpriced plug-in refills when you can do it yourself. It’s more than likely there are a few bottles of essential oils lying around.

Drizzle a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the plug-in, then fill it up with water. Replace the cap securely and plug it in. There you have it, your own DIY plug-in.


Mason jars just aren’t only for preserving. They can be used to brighten your home with the right fragrance.

Add your choice of essential oil to a mason jar with baking soda. Add tiny holes on the cover to allow the scent out. Place jar in any room that could use it.

Coffee Beans In Wax Burner

Put whole coffee beans in a wax burner and place this on your bedside table. This will get your bedroom smelling wonderful with the scent of coffee.


Wonderfully natural and mesmerizing they are. They are just as healthy too to have around the house. House plants have wonderful fragrances.

If you are looking for a natural way to make your home smell like an April meadow, try choosing house plants with wonderful aromas. English Ivy and Chinese Evergreen are highly recommended.


First, never allow your bin to get to the stage where its actually showing off itself in your entire house. Just in case you need a plan to stop this from happening.

Place a sheet or two of Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet at the bottom of your bin to prevent any unpleasant odor from circulating in your house. Always remember to keep your bin tightly closed.


A smelly home is caused by either things hanging around that has an odor or maybe, it just needs to be cleaned more often. What if you had given your home an entire deep clean, but still yet, you just can’t seem to get out that musky odor.

Try leaving those windows and doors open, even for a while. Doing this will allow the natural air in, and as we all know, nature is the most effective and proven air-freshener there is.


Carpets go bad because everything goes on them. Water, mud, food, etc. How often do we actually clean our carpet? To keep your carpet from smelling like an old dirty sock.

Avoid your carpet from getting wet. Make a carpet cleaner using 1/2 cup Downy unstoppable in 1-quart warm water. Add to a spray bottle and mist your carpet.


Bins are one of the main odor-causing culprits in our houses. though they are not to be blamed for it as they are our waste go to. It is necessary to wash your bin at least once weekly.

This will prevent odor-causing bacteria from developing. Your house will have a more friendly smell.


Odors from your bathroom can affect your entire house whether it’s good or bad. To get the good odor from your bathroom to capture your house. Ensure you keep your bathroom smelling great. You will notice the difference.


Baking pastry such as cookies, brownies, pies, and cakes can and will give your home the most welcoming aroma there is. It’s really a good choice as you will have the goodies after. Have fun eating!


Fruits such as lemons are known to clean and make things smell better. To have that fruity fragrance in your home.

Using a cut lemon, scrub your kitchen and bathroom sinks. This will also clean and deodorize at the same time. You will enjoy doing this.


IT was shocking when I realized the nasty odor I was smelling was actually coming from my washing machine. Washing machines don’t really have a vent that releases air and moisture. They are securely closed in all creases to prevent leaks.

This can attract mold and mildew. The idea is getting it done by yourself. Clean your washer with activated charcoal and Carbona washing machine cleaner. Allow your washer to run for 14 minutes. Leave the door open for 1 hour to allow drying.


To get and keep your house smelling great. Try using cinnamon sticks. Place a couple of these in each room in your house.

Your house will be smelling like cinnamon and that was the idea. This works well also for a potpourri.



Car deodorizers just smell so good. They even come in many wonderful fragrances. These can be used in your home too.

To give your home that wow! Place car air fresheners in all rooms in your house that would use a scent boost. You will be happy you did.


A stinky toilet can make your house smell miserable. Getting your toilet clean and smelling the way it should be a frustrating task.

You can clean your toilet by pouring Coca Cola into it. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash with a toilet brush and flush.


Small items can contribute to the biggest odors in your home. The trick is to identify them and eliminate the foul odor. Start with your kitchen sponge.

To give it a thorough cleansing, place the sponge into the Microwave oven to get it smelling like new and free of odor-causing bacteria.


There is one thing your bathroom is never missing, and it’s a roll of toilet paper. This is the reason why it’s the perfect item to used to deodorize your bathroom.

Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your roll and replaced it on the rack. The odor it gives off will be permanent until the roll is done.


The smell of freshly brewed coffee is sensational. Can you imagine having your home smelling like this for the whole day?

Simply pour coffee beans in a glass bowl with a lit vanilla-scented candle. Allow them to blend their aromas together and see what happens. You ‘ll be amazed.


This is ideal when you need an emergency DIY air freshener and the only thing you have is an electric fan and a box of dryer sheets.

While the fan is off open and places 5 dryer sheets (based on the size of the fan). Neatly tape the edges of the sheets to the fan’s cover. Replaced the cover and turn on your fan. This will solve your emergency odor issues.


With lemon, clove, and orange. Combine all these wonderfully scented ingredients and used to freshen your stove. This will leave a sweet-smelling odor. Believe it or not, the stove does contribute to musky odors in the home.


Combine a mixture of your own scented flavors. It could be anything around the house you enjoy smelling. Add these to a spray bottle. Use this to combat unforgettable odors that may escape from your bathroom when in use.


Did you know that 90% of the time, it is the AC unit that is circulating foul odors in the air? There is a fan in your unit that blows out the moisture.

Most times it is broken without your knowledge. Remove the cover and give your AC unit a thorough clean. Repair or replace anything that is damaged. You won’t regret doing this next summer.


Most of us just hate preparing fish for dinner. Which is right, the odor can be a little overbearing. This odor can linger in your house for days. To avoid this, place a pot of water on the stove, while you are preparing the fish. Add to the pot a few slices of lemon and a1/4 cup of vinegar.


Allow simmering throughout the process of your cooking. This will counteract the scent of the fish, and your home will not smell like the ocean.


If you are trying to find natural ways to make your house smell amazing, making your own air freshener is the ideal thing. All you will need are items from your household to get the job done.

Add lemon, cinnamon, orange rinds, your choice of herbs and cloves to a pot of water. Simmer on low heat. This will give your home that welcoming aroma all day long.


Diffusers are an excellent smell agent. You can choose your choice of smell and add it to your diffuser.

Just add your favorite essential or oil to your diffuser and let it fragrance your home. If you are a fragrance fan, Then having a diffuser will suit you just fine.


It is so true that you can never have the perfect fragrance in your home if your kitchen is kicking up a storm. Whatever odor your kitchen has so will your entire house.

To keep your home smelling fresh and clean, try giving your kitchen a good clean regularly. CLEANING IS THE BEST ODOR CONTROL SOLUTION.


We love our little pups, but the odor they release in the house can be very unpleasant, one you will have no interest in smelling every day. The first thing you need to do is…

keep your pet clean. Then, vacuum pet’s hair from couches, carpet, and rugs. Leaving them there would be as if you never gave your pet a shower.


Kitchen drains can smell just as bad as the drains from any other waste disposal. Can you imagine having this type of odor coming from your immaculate kitchen?

The action you need to take is quite simple. Clean your drain by pouring down 1/2 cup baking soda into it. Let it remain there and continue using your sink.



For ambiance, relaxation, romance and last but certainly not least, the smell. Scented candles have many names.

Its most famous is ODOR. Use scented candles in your home to give it that fragrance you have been looking for.


How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Tips for making your home smell great.


  1. Coffee beans in wax burner.
  2. Refresh your kitchen drain with baking soda.
  3. Use linen spray around your home as an air freshener.
  4. Use Downy in dried flower vase.
  5. Use essential oils as DIY plug-in refills.
  6. Baking soda and essential oil mason jar air freshener.
  7. Use house plants that smell wonderful.
  8. Put a dryer sheet in the bin.
  9. Keep your carpet fresh and clean.
  10. Place oats in your fridge to absorb bad odors.

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