Let us just admit it… It is not always easy to keep plants hydrated as much as they need to be. I know that some plants need less water than others. But you do not want to compromise or under not properly hydrate those that need a lot of hydration.


Sometimes it is not that your plants even need a lot of hydration. But maybe, you won’t be home for awhile, and still need to keep your plants happily hydrated.


If you are like me, you might be home, but have a few days when you do not want to be watering your plants. Or maybe, you just want to keep your plant soil moist for a while.


I have found a gardening hack to help out with this situation. With this clever gardening hack, you will be able to keep your plants hydrated, or at least keep moisture in the soil.


The good thing is that this gardening trick does not cost much. You will need a generous amount of tissue and a water container. The tissue will transfer the water from the container to the soil.


As you can see in the photos, I used a mason jar. It carries some weight and won’t topple over very easily and will also keep the water cool. You can use a container that suits your location and needs. Maybe you want to be hydrating more than one plants from the same container. So choose a size that is right for you.


You will need to roll the tissue before placing it in the water. Make sure to roll it tightly. It is tightly rolled and firm, the weight of the water can cause the tissue to rip.


You can dip the tissue in the rolled tissue in the water and then put it in your plant container. Wrap it around the base of the plant. But do not leave it touching the plant. It is the soil that you want to keep moist and wet.

Also, this method can also be used for plants that are not in containers. Place your container among plants in your garden or anywhere you choose outdoors and keep them hydrated.


I hope this garden watering and plant hydration  hack may be of good use to you. I was so happy when I learned of this way to keep my plants hydrated, as I am always running short on time to do so 🙂


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