Being as self-sufficient as much as you can give a certain kind of contentment.

Doing things from scratch and living a simple life make life happier as much as it gives peace of mind to know you can do and provide some things for yourself.

Here are some things you can do to make your life more frugal and happy.

Hang clothes on the line to be dried by the sun

Hanging clothes on the line to dry in the sun will reduce your electric bill, as you won’t have to pay that extra amount that the dryer would costs.

Hanging clothes on the line is also something that you might enjoy doing as it can feel very calming and blissful.

Make something for yourself

Putting yourself to work and making something for yourself from scratch can save you money while giving you a sense of fulfillment.

You don’t have to learn really technical skills. Start with simple things like making your own soap, candles and household cleaners. 

Light candles and lanterns in the evenings

Lighting candles and lanterns in the evenings before bedtime is another good way to save money and practice self-sufficiency.

The ambiance that the candles and lanterns create will also make you benefit from the joy of simple living.

Cook on a wood or coal stove

Get used to preparing your food and meals without depending on the grid all the time.

You can also heat your home while cooking on your coal or wood burning stove.

Set up an outdoor shower

If you are living in a community that will allow you to build an outdoor shower, this is something you might want to consider doing.

Showering under the night sky will give you a taste of sweet simple living, and give an option to not always have to shower indoors.

Catch Rainwater

You might need to find out the codes, laws, and rules that apply the rainwater catchment in your community.

But if you are able to catch rainwater, it’s something you should definitely do. You can cut down on your water bill, and your vegetable garden will thank you too.

Keep a well-stocked pantry

Having a well-stocked pantry will make you have food security to an extent.

And you will also get to know the joy of being able to make dinner with food from your pantry.


Happy Frugal Living!


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