When doing your laundry, dryer sheets give your clothes that nice finishing touch. Of course, you can easily buy them at the store, but I prefer to use homemade items as much as I can. I simply feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when using something that I made myself.  But there are more reasons why I would recommend that you make your own dryer sheets.

Save Money

I don’t think you would hurt your budget if you opt for buying dryer sheets at the stores. But every cent matters if you want to save money. And it’s quite easy to save a few bucks by making dryer sheets as they are so easy to make.

Use Household Items In Different Ways

When you make your own dryer sheets, you will be getting a chance to use household items for multi purposes. I am all up for using sponges for washing my dishes and being creative and frugal by using sponges for making dryer sheets too.

You Get To Decide What Ingredients Are Being Used

If you buy everything that you use for cleaning or household purposes, you won’t get to limit the number of chemicals you use in your home. Sometimes you won’t even be able to tell what ingredients really make those products. Making your own dryer sheets will give the chance to decide what they are made of, so you won’t need to wonder what chemicals you are putting in your clothes.

What Dryer Sheets Are Really Used For 

Prevent Clothes From Gathering Lint

I don’t think anyone really likes having to use a lint roller to remove lint from their clothes. Using dryer sheets in your laundry will save that time and energy by preventing your clothes from gathering lint.

Make Your Clothes Smell Nice

One of the really nice benefits of using dryer sheets is that your clothes will smell wonderful. They are a form of freshener and will leave your clean laundry smelling fresh and nice.

Prevent Clothes From Clinging Together

Clothes don’t always cling together because of low-quality fabrics. Neither does it have to be a fault of your machine. Static electricity will cause your clothes to cling together while being flung around in the machine. Dryer sheets will prevent the build-up of static electricity and your clothes won’t cling together in the machine.

Fabric Softener

Stiff pieces of clothing are not easy to iron at all. And they don’t feel good on your skin either. Finishing your laundry with dryer sheets will make your clothes soft, as dryer sheets make a good fabric softener.

How To Make Your Own Dryer Sheets


1 /2 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Liquid Fabric Softener

1/2 Cup White Vinegar

4 Drops Essential Oil (Flavor Of Your Choice)

3-6 Sponges

Container (Mason Jar, Tupperware, etc)


Pour all the ingredients into the shuttable container. Mix them properly together. Then add the sponges. The container you use must be able to be closed properly. You will be storing your DIY dryer sheets in it.


How To Use DIY Dryer Sheets

When you are ready to dry your clothes, take a dryer sheet/sponge from the container. Squeeze it properly to remove as much liquid as possible from it. Put it in the dryer with your clothes. Let your clothes dry as usual. Then place the dryer sheet back in the container when your laundry is done drying.

Be sure to reuse your homemade DIY dryer sheets. These are so economical as you can get more than one usage out of them.

Have fun doing your laundry!


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