It is okay to want your plants to grow fast. The reason why some people do not spend much time on gardening is because of the patience it can require to wait until your plants grow to a place where you can actually harvest.


Sometimes, they won’t even get to place at all. But you don’t have to worry too much when you can make your own miracle grow solution, and have your plants flourishing at a good pace.

I know, I know! You also want your plants to be healthy while they are growing fast. It makes no sense to have a garden with plants that are all stretched up, and unhealthy. But you can also give your plants the right nutrition with your homemade fertilizer.

Commercial fertilizers are an option of course. But using those can be risky for your garden and your body. You should not have to compromise your health to have fast growing plants.

Your plants should be safe to eat. The growers you will purchase on the market just won’t guarantee you that. They will be okay to eat today, but in the long run, you will face the negative effects.

Plus, commercial fertilizers can be so expensive. It really does not have to cost you so much to have a healthy garden. So, it is really best to make your own solution for giving your plants that extra boost.

You probably have all the ingredients that you will need to make your own Miracle Grow Solution. It’s just nice when you can use things you have at home to make your own products.

What You Will Need

1 Can of beer

1 Cup ammonia

1 Cup Epsom salts

1 Cup Listerine

5 Gal Water

How To Make It

This formula is very simple. All you will need to do is mix to all the ingredients in a container. Make sure to store it in a bottle that can be closed properly. You can use a regular five-gallon water bottle.

You can use this mixture to water your plants. This is suitable for your edible crops and plants you have around your home for beautification.

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