Have I told you how much I love gardening? Okay great 🙂 But have I also told you how much I like things as cheap as possible too? Yes, I do!


I like getting things done with the necessary conveniences. I like having tools and equipment that will get things done without too much headache for me.


But I also do not always like spending. I try to avoid digging too much of a hole in my pocket.


So this smart gardening hack was the perfect project for me. I wanted to make a garden watering container. And I am happy to say this turned out great.


Did I mention that I made this garden watering container at no cost? Well… Yes I did. I feel a certain kind of joy from not having to spend money to do projects around my home.



I also like doing things myself- DIY. Whatever I can do or make at home, I usually try to do. It simply makes sense… If I have the time and the resources and realize that it will cost me less than going to the store and making a purchase.


I always try to have a collection of bottles for when the need arrives. Which arrives quite frequently around my home.  For this garden watering container project, I made sure to use a bottle with a handle. It makes carrying the bottle with water easy.


Holes were made in the cork on this bottle with a soldering iron. This is a very handy hole- boring tool in my home. You can use any other appropriate tools that you have on hand to make your holes.



The holes you make should not be too large. And you can use a knife or a tool with a sharp edge to clear any debris from your holes while creating them. I had some stringy melted plastic in my holes as a result of the soldering iron. So I used a knife to just finish cleaning up.


This easy DIY garden watering container will save you from having to purchase a watering container. Unless you still want to buy one for variety sake. Anyway, if you try this project, do let me know how it turned out.

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