It is summertime where I live, and I am so happy because it’s the season for eating a lot of fruits and enjoying late evenings out in the yard while listening to the birds chirping.

I am eating a mango or quite a few almost daily. But I am having a battle with fruit flies. They have invited themselves to feast at my table. And they just drive me crazy!

Displaying fruits on my kitchen island is one of my favorite ways to decorate my house. I love the colors and life that fresh fruits add to the ambiance in my home. But fruit flies are constantly lurking around.

I hate to have them all over my food and fruits on display. Ewwww! I don’t want them laying eggs on my food. That’s just gross. And while our digestive system can get rid of those eggs if we ingest them, I just don’t want fruit fly eggs on my menu.

So I had to find a way to get them, or at least trap them. I cannot allow them to take over my house and make my summer one of misery with them pitching all over my fruits.

The trick I have learned is to give them what they love. Fruit flies love fruits, especially stale or spoilt fruits. So if you lure them in your trap by feeding them fruits, you won’t have to worry about them and the fruits you actually want to eat.

How To Make Your Own DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Put some stale or spoilt fruits in a mason jar. You can use ripe banana, mango, pineapple, etc. Just make sure it is a sugary fruit that fruit flies are attracted to. The fruit doesn’t even have to be stale or spoilt. They will still come after it even if it is fresh.

The next step is to cover the jar of fruits with plastic wrap. You won’t be putting a lid on the jar. The plastic wrap is what you will be using to cover the jar, so tightly wrap the mouth of the jar with the plastic wrap.

Now, use a knife to bore holes in the plastic wrap that is covering the mouth of the jar. You want to make the holes just large enough for the flies to squeeze their way in, but not too large so they can easily get out.

Next, place the mason jar with fruits covered with plastic wrap on your counter, or where you normally keep your fruits. The flies will come in to get the fruits in the jar, but won’t be able to make their way out.

When you’ve caught enough flies, or the fruits have gone too bad, you can just easily make another trap to prepare for any other approaching menace.

Fly In The Trap Video

This is one of the most effective fruit fly traps I have seen. I caught a fly only minutes after making my first trap. Hope you’ll score as quickly as I did with trapping those flies.

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