Cleaning baseboards can be a back aching task that we often ignore. Cleaning the baseboards around the house is important as they can be a home for dust.

Dust gets caught in the creases of the baseboard. The dust will not fail to move around the house by the wind and land on other surfaces.

There are different ways to clean baseboards to make them dust free. These methods are easy and inexpensive.

 Cloth and Broom

This method is easy and will allow you to clean while standing up. This is great for older folks and new moms who are still in recovery.

Just wrap the base of a broom with a microfiber cloth and secure it with rubber bands. Stand at on angle and swipe this against the baseboard.

This will allow you to get into the crevices without getting too close to the floor. You will also be able to clean baseboards without moving heavy furniture.


Dusting Spray and Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can also be used the clean baseboards quickly. This method is paired with home made dusting spray.

To make dusting spray, mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Shake well in a spray bottle and spray over dusty surfaces before you wipe.

For cleaning the baseboard you can spray the dusting spray directly, then wipe with a dryer sheet. You may also spray the dusting spray onto the dryer sheet before wiping.

Dry Brush

If your baseboards have dirt in the crevices, you can use a dry brush to get it clean. A dry brush will get into the corners to remove the dust.

Just brush in short quick motions to get the baseboards clean. This method will work perfectly for white baseboards. This is also a hack for baseboards with a lot of curves and creases in the design.

Baby Wipes

This is a great way to get the kids involved in the cleaning process. It’s also great for those who need to get the house clean in a hurry.

The amount of moisture is controlled so that there is no risk for spilling. Just pull a wipe and rub it across the baseboard.

Get the kids involved by allowing them to do this task on cleaning day. Having this method is also an easy way to ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate.

Different Ways To Clean Baseboards

This article is about 5 great ways to clean your baseboards, you may even get your children involve for fun.


    Cloth and Broom: Cleaning your baseboard with a cloth and broom is very easy and convenient. This is especially so if you're elderly or a nursing mother.

    Magic Erasers: Magic erasers are good to clean baseboards. With one swipe you can get the baseboards clean without worrying about not getting into the crevices.

    Dusting Spray and Dryer Sheets: Dusting spray helps to keep the dust under control. Its a plus when you use dryer sheet as it gives of a refreshing fragrance.

    Dry Brush: Do you have a baseboard that has extra curves and crevices? Using the dry brush method is perfect for cleaning them.

    Baby Wipes: This is one fun way to get your baseboards clean. The children can also be involved in cleaning with this method.

There is no reason to dread cleaning the baseboards. Applying these different methods  will save you the pain and additional guess work.

They will prevent dust from building up over time. You baseboards will sparkle in minutes. Share these hacks with your close friends and leave a comment if you’ve tried any of these or have any other methods in mind.


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