I get all excited when I learn a few new cleaning hacks. I just like to know different ways to solve my cleaning problems, and I find it fun to share with you what I have been getting up to. So here are 10 out-of-the-box cleaning tips and tricks I think you will really be glad to know.

1. Use Cucumber To Shine Faucet

I would have never imagined that a cucumber had more uses than for eating and beauty purposes. I recently learnt that is good for getting things clean around your home too.

It really does a good job at making a faucet shiny and nice. Just use a cut cucumber to scrub your faucet, and then wash away all the seeds.

2. Use A Dinner Fork To Clean A Hairbrush

A quick fix for your dirty hairbrush when you do not have time to wash it and get it all dry and nice before you are ready to use it is to use a dinner fork to clean it.This will get out hair and some dirt that is stuck in your brush, and you’ll be able to use it without having to wash it just yet. Keep a dinner fork among your cleaning supplies to help with dirty jobs like these.


3. DIY Scented Pine Cleaner

Pine cleaners are normally price when sold commercially. Make your own and avoid having to pay for something you make for yourself quite easily.

Combine pine essential oil, warm water, pine tree sprigs, and some Castille soap in a spray bottle. You can use this to clean counters and for bathroom cleaning as well.

4. Polish Sink With Flour

Go the extra mile to polish your stainless steel sink and make it look sparkly. After washing and sanitizing properly, buff your sink with some oil and flour to make it as shiny as when you just installed it.

5. Clothes Brush For Washing Dinner Fork

There are some things in the kitchen that are kind of technical to wash. A dinner fork is one such thing. Here is a quick solution. Use a clothes brush to wash your dinner forks.

The clothes brush will get into the crevices with much ease. Just keep a clean clothes brush in your kitchen for kitchen purposes only. I’m sure you’ll find more uses for it.

6. Line Mason Jar With Plastic Bag

If you want to clean up a jar easily after removing it’s contents, line the jar with a regular plastic bag. Simply insert the bag and bend the end of it over the mouth of the jar towards the outside.

After filling it with content, close the jar as usual with the lid. This is good for storing butter, oil and other ingredients that will leave a residue that is hard to clean.

7. Refresh Sponge With Lime

If you have smelly sponges, but you are not yet ready to throw them out, use lime to refresh them. Pour the juice of some fresh limes in a bowl, and leave your sponge to soak in it overnight. This will help to get rid of any unpleasant odor in your sponge and also sanitize it.

8. Toothbrush For Cleaning Strainer

Does your strainer have flour or some other stubborn and hard to remove ingredient stuck in it? Keep a clean toothbrush on hand in your kitchen for situations like these.

Just use the toothbrush to brush your dirty strainer clean. The toothbrush will get between the holes and get your strainer quite clean.

9. Freeze Some Toothpaste

If you are washing dishes in your kitchen sink, and you’ve run the water too hot, don’t waste more water trying to cool it down. Add some frozen toothpaste cube to the water. This will cool it down while adding more cleaning properties to your water to get your dishes smelling nice and your silverware shiny.

10. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser + Sponge Scrub Combo

It can be annoying to keep having to stop and get more soap on the sponge when washing dishes. Make this easier by boring a hole in the lid of a mason jar, then gluing a piece of sponge onto that same lid. You can also use a jar lid that comes with the hole in it already.

Fill the jar with soap and put on the lid with the sponge attached. Now you can wash your dishes without having to stop and pour more soap on your sponge.


10 Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tricks You Need To Know

10 Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tricks You Need To Know

Using unusual tips and tricks to get things clean around your home.


  1. Use a cucumber instead of a scouring pad to shine your stainless steel faucets.
  2. Clean out hair and built up gunk from a hair brush with an old dinner fork.
  3. Make your own pine cleaner with pine essential oil, pine sprigs, castille soap and water.
  4. Buff, polish and shine your stainless steel sink with flour.
  5. Keep a clothesbrush in the kitchen for washing dinner forks properly.
  6. Put a plastic bag in a mason jar before pouring in things like oil, syrup, etc. This will make cleaning the jar easier.
  7. Refresh smelly sponges with lime juice.
  8. Use a clean toothbrush for cleaning a strainer.
  9. Use frozen cubes of toothpaste to hot dish washing water to cool it down, and also help with cleaning silverware.
  10. Make a mason jar- scouring pad soap dispenser by gluing a scouring pad onto a jar lid with a hole in it, and pouring soap into the jar. Put the lid onto the jar, and scour away easily.

Happy Cleaning!


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