Don’t you just love the taste of a freshly baked dinner roll? It’s warm, tender, and chewy. It pulls apart so easily and makes a convenient addition to just bout any meal. Today we’ll be making some jumbo dinner rolls! 


Difficulty Level: Moderate

These jumbo dinner rolls are a bit tricky to make, but I’m confident that you can nail it! Yes, even on your first try, all you have to do is follow our step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be making dinner rolls like a pro! It’ll take 20 minutes to prep the ingredients, 15 minutes to bake, and an hour of additional time for rising.


A Versatile Crowd-Pleaser!

These delicious bread rolls are so versatile that you can have them at any meal or festive occasion. Whether you’re serving kids or adults, these rolls will be an instant crowd favorite, so make plenty, trust me, you’ll need them! 


How To Serve Jumbo Dinner Rolls

These tender rolls are tastiest when served warm; however, room temp is fine too. These are great in the morning with a spread of your liking or eggs and bacon; you can use them to make delicious sliders for lunch or incorporate them into your dinner. The options are endless!


Serving Size

If this recipe, you can expect to get 30-32 jumbo dinner rolls; that amount is plenty for a family dinner with more than just a few guests. You can have these rolls any time you see fit, bring them with you on the go, or enjoy them at home!


Equipment Needed

Bowl– Use at least 2-3 bowls to separate and combine the ingredients. You’ll need one heat-proof bowl.

Electric Mixer– Use an electric stand mixer with a dough hook attachment to mix and knead the dough.

Baking Pan Use one or two sheet pans with elevated rims to bake the dinner rolls.

Basting Brush– Use this to apply melted butter to the baked dinner rolls.


Main Ingredients 

Yeast– I used 2 tablespoons of SAF instant yeast (red) to make the dinner rolls; however, you can use whatever brand you prefer. You can also use active dry yeast instead, but you will need to allow it to bloom for 15 minutes in warm water before combining it with the remaining ingredients.



Milk– This ingredient is a must-have as it provides rolls with a rich taste and tender crust. However, if you’re on milk, you can dilute evaporated milk and use as a sub. Use one part E. milk and one part water.


All The Ingredients

路 Butter– Melted and combined with the milk

路 Milk– Provides the rolls with a rich flavor.

路 Yeast– Use as the main leavening agent in the recipe.

路 Water– Adds moisture to the dough and helps to activate the yeast.

路 Sugar– Gives a hint of sweetness to the dough.

路 Salt– Enhance the flavor of the other ingredients.

路 Eggs– Contributes to the flavor and color of the rolls. 

路 Flour– Absorbs the moisture of the wet ingredients and provides structure in the dough.


Directions For Making Jumbo Dinner Rolls

1. Combine the butter and milk in a glass bowl and microwave for 2-3 minutes until the butter has melted.

2. Allow the butter and milk mixture to cool for 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.

3. Next, combine the cooled mixture with yeast, water, sugar, and salt and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. 

4. Using an electric mixer, combine half of the flour with the wet ingredients and beat for about 4-5 minutes.

5. Beat in the eggs one by one until they’re combined, then mix in the rest of the flour. 

6. Knead for 5 minutes until the dough becomes soft and elastic.

7. Move the dough to an oiled bowl, rotate and flip the dough to coat in the oil, cover with plastic and allow it to rise for 30 minutes.

8. Remove the dough from the bowl and portion it into 32 equal pieces.

9. Shape each dough piece into a ball and place them onto a greased baking sheet with even spacing.

10. Cover the rolls and proof them for another 30 minutes until they double in size.

11. Baked at 400掳F for 15-18 minutes or until the tops are a golden color.

12 Take them from the oven, brush with melted butter, and have them warm.


Allow The Dough To Rise

In this recipe, I rested the dough on two separate occasions for half an hour each time. This process is essential as it allows the yeast time to ferment, as it devours the sugar and produces gases that inflate the dough. This fermentation also improves the taste and texture of the dinner rolls.


Melt The Milk And Butter

As the first step in making the dinner rolls, I heated the milk and butter in my microwave until the butter melted. If you don’t fancy using a microwave for this step, you can do it via the double boiler method. Bring half a pot of water to a boil, place a bowl with the milk and butter over it and stir until it melts.


How To Store Dinner Rolls 

To store your leftover dinner rolls, place them in a resealable bag, and they’ll stay fresh at room temperature for up to 5 days. If you’ve made them in advance and need to store them for more extended periods, place them in the same bag and freeze them for up to a month.


Our jumbo dinner rolls are super simple to make and delicious; the recipe is low cost and produces an attractive yield. You can make these for dinner with your family, a party of friends, or you can even make and store them for later.  


Classic Jumbo Dinner Rolls

Classic Jumbo Dinner Rolls

Yield: 32 dinner rolls
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

These jumbo-sized dinner rolls are soft and tasty!


  • 1/2 cup butter (cubed)
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 tbs instant yeast
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 cups all-purpose flour


  1. In a heat-proof bowl, warm the milk and butter in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes until the butter melts. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes.
  2. Combine the cooled mixture with yeast, water, sugar, and salt, allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then incorporate half of the flour and knead for about 4 minutes.
  3. Beat in the eggs one at a time, mixing each one in before adding the next. Mix in the remaining flour 1/2 cup at a time until it forms a soft and elastic dough.
  4. Continue mixing the dough for 5 minutes, transfer it to a greased bowl, cover with plastic, and set aside for half an hour until it increases in size.
  5. Once the time has passed, transfer the dough to a clean surface and cut it into 32 pieces. Form each piece into a ball and place it on a greased, high-rimmed baking sheet.
  6. Cover the baking sheet in plastic, and allow them to rise for an additional 30 minutes until it's twice the original size.
  7. Bake the rolls at 400 degrees for 14- 18 minutes, or until golden on top. Remove the baked rolls from the oven and brush with melted butter. Enjoy!

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