Here are some amazing tips and ideas for making your bathroom smell fantastic.

From what to put in your toilet tank to using citrus peel for bathroom fragrance, these 25 tips and hacks will make your bathroom smell like a fragrance boutique.

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1.Baking Soda And Fabric Softener Scent Jar

Baking soda and fabric softener will give your bathroom that lovely scent that you are looking for.  In an empty jar, pour some baking soda until its about half.

Add a few spoons of fabric softener to the baking soda.  The baking soda will absorb the fabric softener, giving off a sweet-smelling fragrance.

Fabric Softener And Baking Soda Deodorizer

Fabric Softener And Baking Soda Deodorizer

How to make a bathroom deodorizer with fabric softener and baking soda.


  • Downy Fabric Softener
  • Baking Soda


Pour some baking soda into a clean and dry mason jar.

Add some Downy fabric softener to the baking soda in the jar.

There should be mostly baking soda in the jar with just a small amount of fabric softener.

Keep this mixture on your face basin or on top of your toilet tank to deodorize the air in your bathroom, and also add some since fragrance.


Mouthwash can be used for more purposes other than dental hygiene. It can be used for various household purposes, like making your bathroom smelling good. Pour about a quarter cup of mouthwash in your toilet tank.

Whenever you flush, the fragrance of the mouthwash. will be in your toilet bowl. This might change the color of the water in your tank, but it shouldn’t cause any stains.

3.Baby Oil

After cleaning your bathroom, your faucets and shower rods may not have that beautiful shine that you wish to see. You can get them shiny while adding some nice fragrance to your bathroom at the same time.

After cleaning your faucets and shower rod, finish up by using some baby oil to bring them to a shine. This won’t affect your entire bathroom, but you smell that nice fragrance whenever you are at your face basin, or when your nose comes close to the shower rod.

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Fabuloso is known for it’s fresh scent. It can also be used to clean many places around the house, but it is especially great for making your bathroom smell amazing.

Fabuloso comes in fresh scents such as citrus, lavender and ocean breeze. Pour about a cup of your favorite scent Fabuloso in your toilet tank so you can have nice smelling water when flushing.

5.Sponge With Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is used to reduce the roughness and the static on garments. But it can also be used to give your toilet bowl a nice fragrance. Put some fabric softener in the toilet tank to freshen up the water you flush with.

To get a longer-lasting fragrance, you can soak a sponge with fabric softener, and place it in the toilet tank.  This will keep the scent of the fabric softener in the tank much longer. 

6.Toilet Brush And Pine-Sol

If you are not very careful, your toilet brush can contribute to your bathroom having a funky smell.

After cleaning the toilet bowl with your toilet brush, place the brush under the toilet seat and pour the Pine-Sol on it. Leave it to drip dry, and you will get to place a fresh-smelling brush back into the toilet brush pan.

7.Camphor Ball

Camphor ball is mostly used in drawers to keep away uninvited insects. It also adds a nice smell to those clothes that are put way in the drawers.  But it can also be used for many other purposes, like making your toilet tank smell wonderful.

Make some tiny holes in a bag containing camphor balls and place it in the toilet tank.  The scent will slowly ooze out through the tiny holes to give your toilet bowl a lovely fragrance.

8.Citrus Peel + Fabric Softener + Cloves + Epsom Salts

Citrus fruits, fabric softener, and Epsom salts can be used together as a bathroom deodorizer.  Cut a lemon, orange or lime in halves, and scoop out the middle of one side. Fill it with some Epsom salts, cloves and add some fabric softener.

Put this citrus peel scented bowl in an appropriate place in your bathroom. This will help with deodorizing and making your bathroom smell wonderful.

Citrus Peel Bathroom Deodorizer

Citrus Peel Bathroom Deodorizer

How to make a bathroom deodorizer with citrus peel.


  • Citrus Peel
  • Cloves
  • Fabric Softener
  • Epsom Salts


  1. Cut a lemon, lime or orange in halves.
  2. Scoop the fruit out of one half.
  3. Pour some Epsom salts into the empty citrus peel.
  4. Add some cloves to the Epsom salts.
  5. Pour in some fabric softener.
  6. Place this in your bathroom as a room fragrance and deodorizer.

9.Pine-Sol In Tank

Pine-Sol is a popular household multi-purpose cleaner.  It is made from the oil of the pine tree wood. 

This cleaner can be used to give your toilet bowl a wonderful smell.  Pour about a cup into the toilet tank about two times per week.  Your toilet bowl and tank will smell amazing by using Pine-Sol in it.

10.Cinnamon-Wrapped Candle  

To get your bathroom having a lovely cinnamon smell is very easy.   All you have to do s to wrap the cinnamon sticks around a candle. 

You can use a piece of cord to hold the cinnamon sticks in place on the candle.  Use this candle in your bathroom, and the fragrance of the cinnamon sticks will spread throughout your bathroom as the candle wax melts.

11.Essential Oil Down Bathroom Sink

Give your bathroom extra care by protecting it from any foul odor that might come from your bathroom sink by using a few drops of essential oil in it.

Right before bedtime, put a few drops of any essential oil of your choice down the bathroom sink. Make sure to use one that has a great fragrance though. Doing this will result in a sweet fragrance coming from the bathroom sink.

12.Baking Soda In Face Basin

Your face basin drain might send off an unpleasant odor sometimes, which is very embarrassing. To prevent this from happening, pour about 1/4 cup of baking soda down the face basin drain.

This is better to do at night when everyone has retired to bed.  Leaving it there overnight or for at least an hour, will help to stop that unpleasant odor coming from the drain.

13.Essential Oil In Toilet Tank

Essential oils are used for many purposes, from cleaning purposes to gardening purposes. They are made from many different plants, so you can get various types.

Depending on how strong you want to scent your bathroom, you can pour 3 drops or more of your favorite essential oil into the toilet tank. This will give the water and in your tank and bowl a fresh and nice smell.

14.Scented Vinegar

Vinegar is a very good cleaning agent, but it smells awful. You can use it to clean your shower, face basin, toilet tank and bowl. But it will leave your bathroom smelling disgusting.

You get around this by making scented vinegar to make your bathroom smelling fantastic. Cut small pieces of lime, lemon or oranges, and place in a jar of vinegar.

If you would like, you can add apple slices or even sprigs of lavender. Let it sit for two weeks before using, then you will be able to clean your bathroom with a scented vinegar.

15.Essential oil In Tissue Roll

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your tissue roll smelling fresh and sweet? Put some essential oil on a piece of toilet paper and rub it in the middle of the toilet paper roll.

Or you can simply put a drop or two of essential oil inside the tissue roll straight from the bottle.

16.Lavender In Baking Soda 

It is hard to control bad odors in a bathroom. But using some baking soda the right way will give you some amount of control.

Put some baking soda in a jar and add some dried lavender leaves to it. Leave the jar open and put in your bathroom. The baking soda will absorb bad odors in the air, and the lavender leaves will add some nice fragrance.

17.Open Window

This might not be an actual hack, but we do forget that the natural air from the outdoors is awesome at balancing odors. If you have windows in your bathroom, and the weather is right, be sure to open the windows while you are using the toilet.

Letting in some fresh air through the windows while the bathroom is in use or after usage will create also create an outlet for bad odors to escape and be on their way out.


Sometimes flushing just won’t be enough. You will find that after flushing, unpleasant odors might still be lingering and make your bathroom uninviting.

Make your own poopourri and spray it in the toilet bowl right after flushing. You can make this with some white vinegar, essential oils, and water.

19.Lavender In The Shower

You might end up spending more time than you normally would with this tip. Turn your shower into a spa by wrapping some sprigs of lavender around your shower.

Natural lavender gives a nice fragrance, and you will love being in your shower even more now.

20.Toilet Bombs

Toilet bombs or fizzles are made mostly from baking soda. You can put them in the toilet bowl to freshen it up or give it a quick clean.

These are especially great when there is unpleasant leftover scent after the toilet has been used. Just throw in a toilet bomb, let it fizzle up, then flush.

21.Dryer Sheets In The Bin

Dryer sheets make clothes smell really good, but you can use them beyond the laundry room to get their nice fragrance in your house.

Put a dryer sheet in your bathroom bin or trash can to give it a nice smell. If you want, you can put more than one to get better results.

22.Linen Spray

Sometimes the bad odor in a bathroom may be significantly contributed by funky towels used for dryer hands.

Use linen or fabric spray to freshen up those towels. And if you have a fabric shower curtain on the outer part of your plastic shower curtain, do freshen it up with some linen spray too.

23.Indoor Plants

This is a very basic tip. But nothing is wrong with resorting to something as basic as using indoor plants if it works.

Make sure to use an indoor plant that is air purifying, and also one that has a nice fragrance. You will also get the added benefit of the plant making your bathroom look beautiful.

24.Freshen Up Sweaty Rags

If household members are using rags for showering, you need to pay attention to this. Sweaty rags can make a bathroom smell awful.

Make sure that any rags being in the bathroom get washed properly, just like regular laundry. Also, rags being used in the bathroom for personal hygiene need to be changed out regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria and bad odors.

25.Vodka Shower Spray

One of the easiest ways to keep your shower clean is to use a daily shower spray in your bathroom. And would it not be wonderful if you can get your bathroom smelling great with the same spray?

You can make your own shower pray by mixing some essential oil with Vodka, vinegar and essential oils. You will be sanitizing your shower while freshening up the air in your bathroom.


Hacks And Tips For A Great Smelling Bathroom

Hacks And Tips For A Great Smelling Bathroom

Tips and tricks to make your bathroom smell amazing.


      1.Baking Soda And Fabric Softener Scent Jar

      2. Mouthwash In Toilet Tank

      3.Baby Oil On Faucets Smell Hack

      4.Fabuloso In Toilet Tank

      5.Fabric Softener Soaked Sponge In Tank

      6.Pine-Sol On Toilet Brush

      7.Camphor Balls In Tank

      8.Citrus Peel+ Fabric Softener+Epsom Salts+ Cloves Deodorizer

      9.Pine-Sol In Toilet Tank

      10.Cinnamon Stick Wrapped Candle

      11.Essential Oil In Face Basin

      12.Baking Soda In Face Basin

      13.Essential Oil In Toilet Tank

      14.Citrus Peel Scented Vinegar

      15.Essential Oil In Tissue Roll

Happy Cleaning!


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