I like to think of my house as my garden and even my jungle too! I like having plants all over my house. I love having plants outdoors too. But I like a good balance of nature inside my house.

But my journey with indoor plant care has been tough. Indoor plants can be really hard to care for. I mean, I do try… Or so I think. But it seems like I just do not have that green thumb. Mine looks pink. And brown too 🙂

A lot of my plants have died. I know, it is really sad. They might have been okay last week. Then this week I start to see some yellowing or some not-so-flourishing activity taking place.

So I am starting to prefer tough indoor plants. The types that even I can’t kill. Or at least I would have to be a plant assassin for them to perish. And I guarantee you that I am not that kind of person.

However, I have been replacing my dried up plants with tough ones. And I am researching and learning more about indoor plants that won’t perish easily. That is simply what I want.

Here are five of the toughest houseplants for your home:

Peace Lily


Aloe Vera

Chinese evergreen

Jade Plant

Some of the benefits of tough indoor plants include…

They don’t require a lot of water. Watering plants can be a pain. And if you are going on vacation and don’t want to hire a house sitter, your tough indoor plants won’t just dry up two days after you’ve left.

They can grow and stay healthy in almost any soil. Indoor plants that are hardy can make do with soil that isn’t so rich in minerals and nutrients. The reason why some indoor plants die is because of the soil lacking in nutrients.

I like that these tough indoor plants don’t require a lot of fertilizer to survive. Maybe they don’t need any at all. You know, they just don’t require all that pampering.

Sunlight is not a big deal for most of these plants. Of course, some of them need to be in a room where light enters. But they don’t need be directly in sunlight.

I do wish I was able to keep even the more delicate houseplants alive and well. I am going to keep working it. But in the mean time, I am enjoying the beauty and ambiance that my hardy low maintenance houseplants provide.

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