Having plants indoor is one of the main ways I like to decorate my home. I don’t like having too much clutter. But plants can never be too much for me. And having plants that are growing and flourishing in water is such a beauty to see.

It is also wonderful that you can have your plants or herbs growing all year round. Imagine picking herbs from your indoor water herb garden while it is snowing outside. That is just the best of both worlds.

Growing plants in water is definitely a slower process than growing them in soil. However, you will have your plants looking healthy and flourishing longer than when they are grown in soil. I still like both methods though.

Growing plants indoor and in water has many more benefits. Insects and pests won’t be molesting your plants that much. Seems like they don’t like the water so much. And your plants will be more disease resistant too.

I like that there is no need to constantly water you plants with this method. It is one of my least liked tasks in gardening. At least, at this time of my life. This is called time saving :).  Oh, and you don’t have to worry about any drought too.

If you are living in an environment where dirt is scarce, this method is perfect for you. People living in apartments and some suburban communities don’t have dirt right out their door step.

You can use almost any type of container that is water resistant to grow your water garden. Avoid using metals though. Metal containers may corrode if you use fertilizers. And that will definitely hurt your plants.

A lot of plants grow easily in water. Remember, most times people propagate plants in water. So surprisingly, this is not a very new way of gardening. You will just be keeping the plant in water permanently with this method. Here are 10 herbs that will grow and flourish indoor in water all year round:







Lemon Balm




I like having plants and herbs that are in water in mason jars. They are really  versatile and elegant containers that makes my home look beautiful. What herbs will you be growing this year?

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